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Of all the things you are going to need for your wedding, flowers may be the item that is the most difficult to budget for. Even turnkey venues will look to their floral designer for pricing because there are so many options. How do you budget for such an essential, beautiful, yet price ambiguous option?? The final cost is affected by so many variables including, the number of flowers you order, the date of your wedding, and the availability of your preferred selection of blooms!

What part will flowers play in your wedding?

You should consider many things when it comes to flowers and it all affects your budget.

  • Flowers do not last forever! BUT YOUR PICTURES WILL. In looking back on your memories, flowers will most likely be in every picture, every selfie, and all the videos.

  • Flowers can help create the ambiance and set the tone of your wedding day.

  • Where can your flowers create the biggest impression? Will your ceremony be at the same location as your reception? Will you decorate both locations? Can the floral décor be moved? Will there be flower centerpieces at all tables? Will there be a large statement piece?

  • Will you use seasonal blooms? Your favorite flowers may not be in season during your wedding.

  • Have you considered the striking and trendy option of greens and grasses?

According to a study by The Knot, of 27,000 couples married in 2019, the average spend on wedding flowers was $2,000. Depending on your selections, the cost can be lower or significantly higher. If you choose to line your ceremony aisle AND fill your reception with flowers, your costs could inflate by thousands.

What options do I have to help my budget?

You could purchase decorative items (votives, lanterns, vases, etc) yourself so your florist does not need to provide these. (Some venues may also be able to provide these for you).

  • You can ask the floral designer to rent vases to you – florists have more opportunities to use them again! Be careful as some florists may charge a high rental and collection fee.

  • Bouquets and arrangements from the ceremony, can be repurposed for your reception and used as centerpieces or to decorate your dessert table.

  • If you love expensive blooms, but they don’t meet your budget needs, consider lookalikes!

  • Consider using seasonal blooms for your décor. These will be less expensive than flowers that are out of season.

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