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  • How long do we have for our wedding?
    A typical booking at Crown Rose is 10 hours. You can use that time as you like: Setting up and getting ready Ceremony Cocktails Photography Reception Breaking Down Most couples have 3-4 hours for set up, 4-5 hours for cocktails and their reception and an hour for breaking down.
  • What is the guest limit?
    The barn can seat up to 200 guests however if you want space for a dance floor if you go over 160 guests you will need to add a tent to the side of the property.
  • What time can I arrive to get ready?
    You decide the start and end time of your wedding! Your booking is for 10 hours. We will work with you on your timeline to ensure you have enough time for venue preparations, getting ready, and enjoying the most amazing wedding day experience possible.
  • Can I set up the day before my wedding?
    There are options to rent the barn for the day before your wedding. Friday Weddings can be a lot more flexible than Sunday Weddings! For Friday bookings you can pay a small rental fee and rent the barn for a number of hours for your rehearsal dinner and to have time to set up the venue for your Friday wedding. You may also rent more time after your event so your family and friends can spend time together.
  • Who cleans after the wedding?
    The caterer will be responsible for removing all trash and cleaning up of barn. Our staff performs final cleaning of site and bathroom.
  • Do you have a catering staging area?
    There is a small room behind the bar for caterers to use. We do not provide a kitchen to cook in. All food served should either be brought in ready to serve or prepared in trucks/staging tents. Professional caterers do not require an onsite kitchen. They'll also need to bring drinking water.
  • What is a PMA? (Preservation Member Association)
    We have established the Preservation Member Association with the goal of preserving and maintaining Crown Rose Estate. To achieve this, we have created a Private Member Association known as CRE Distillery.
  • What is CRE Distillery?
    The Private Members Association aims to foster close-knit local communities rooted in love, family values, and mutual respect. PMA members enjoy various advantages associated with CRE Distillery, such as access to information, benefits, products, services, and training. The PMA is governed by its members, who possess the right to self-governance and commit to resolving any disputes internally. In return for these benefits.
  • When can I visit?
    Tour experiences are private but we offer experiences almost daily! You can see our availability and book your experience at
  • How many people can join the experience?
    We recommend you bring all your decision makers. Usually, that is the bride and groom. Occasionally couples have a friend or event planner join them.
  • How long does an experience take?
    Typically our tour experiences can take up to 2 hours. During your tour you will visit the Historic Mansion House, our most popular ceremony sites and both levels of the Crown Rose Barn.
  • What should I bring?
    Bring yourselves and a smile! Dress appropriately for the weather. The barn is not heated so when visiting in the winter we recommend warm clothes.
  • Can I book my date during the visit?
    You can reserve your date at any time. About half of our couples book during their tour experience or late the same day. When you know you have found what you are looking for, you know! If you are fixed on your date there are no benefits to waiting. That said we want you to make the right decision so we are a no-pressure venue. Take your time and make sure to make the right decision.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    We love pets and they are welcome in all areas of the estate except for the historic mansion. For private events, you can choose to have your pet at your celebration.
  • Can I bring my own caterer?
    We have preferred vendors but you can choose as well. If you choose, they must be licensed and insured in the State of Maryland.
  • Can I bring my own alcohol / bar?
    Yes! You can save a lot of money by bringing your own bar. You will need a professional bartender licensed to serve drinks to your guests who also carries insurance.
  • Do you provide tables and chairs?
    We include a wide selection of round and banquet tables + 160 silver chairs with our bookings.
  • Can you provide ceremony chairs?
    Ceremony chairs are available as a low cost option. Not all of our couples get married at Crown Rose, although most do. Included in the chair rental cost is set up and break down.
  • Do I need a day of event coordinator?
    Although a 'day of event coordinator' is not required at Crown Rose we highly recommend you have one. We advise having assistance with setting up your decorations/favors/signage and with running the day so you can concentrate all your efforts on having a great time. A good coordinator will deal with your vendors and ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.
  • What is the Crown Rose Member Portal?
    Our member login is an online resource for all of our Club members to learn about private events and to us to manage your rewards that you earn as a member. You will also use this to track your Appts, and store your documents for your planning meetings.
  • Can we bring a tent?
    We take care of all tent rentals.
  • Do you have a wedding arch or decorations?
    Because every couple wants something different we do not have wedding arches or decorations. Arches are often available for rent from florists.
  • What time must our wedding end?
    All music must be turned off no later than 11 pm with everyone off the property by 12 am.
  • Can we bring in candles?
    We love candles but the barn is made of wood so we do not allow any open flames in the barn. Electric candles are a great low cost subsitute.
  • What are our send off options?
    You have a variety of great options for your send-off should you choose to do one. Glow Sticks Bubbles Final Dance Sparklers Ribbon Wands Fibre Optic Lights Cheer Poms Flags
  • Do you have a prep area or kitchen?
    There is a small caterer prep area behind the bar in the barn. We do not have a full kitchen set up. Most caterers come to Crown Rose prepared. A few caterers cook on-site in trucks or set up a tent.
  • Where do vendors unload and park?
    All vendors must be set up and ready to go 1 hour before event. Vendors can unload right at the barn and immediately move the vehicles to the main parking area.
  • Does my vendor need to be insured?
    Yes! Your vendor must carry insurance and provide proof of insurance to you and the Venue. This is for your protection and ours. Any professional vendor will carry insurance. We will needed to be added as an additional insured and submitted before the 60 walk-through.
  • Do vendors need to be licensed in Maryland?
    Caterers and bartenders should be licensed and insured. All other professional vendors only need to carry insurance. Proof of insurance must be submitted to venue before 60 day walk-through.
  • Can vendors visit?
    Vendors can visit by scheduling with couple and being with them on their 60 day walkthrough.
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